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Sunday September 22nd 2019



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8 Responses to “CONTACT WATCHDOGS”

  1. DALE YOUNG says:

    Can I be added to email?

  2. Bill says:

    Why hasn’t the Florida Today helped in getting this info out to Brevard…they need you to update them !!!!
    For some reason they run from standing up to the Port…

  3. Jeanna Merrifield says:

    please add me to your email list? Thank you!

  4. Bob Socks says:

    how come you are not doing a story on the demise of the Sun Cruz Casino Line? Several hundred employees involved, long time business at the Port, gone in a day….what happenned?

  5. Tim Milliken says:

    please add me to your e-mail list

  6. sally says:

    Matt we really need your help !!!!So many jobs have been lost due to the Sun Cruz closing…and so many have lost their health insurance two employees with cancer who will not be able to get insurance again… had a little bit of hope from a group that is trying to get the trustee and the judge to allow the suncruz to start back up to start paying back debt owed…we heard that they wanted to work out of the dock location that they are at…it will be easy to start back up…but today we were told that commissioner Joe Matheny has asked that the permit at the cove to be removed…back in June they gave Sun Cruz one year to move and now they want to do it NOW …please bring this to the public in hopes that they will hold off….

  7. Misty says:

    Matt you are the best!!!!!So many have had to take this all of these years look at how many years this man has been taking from us hard working tax payers.!!!!enough is enough …I think he has been there for about 15 years and like we all have said he has forgotten that he works for the commission Oh by the way to add to these high rates …every year they have a week long party at one of the ports they are held all over the world one year in Ireland down in South America all of the commissioners go at the tax payers expense but guess who also goes…..you got Bistline…all of his hotel airfare why does he need to be wined and dined at our expense..I see NO reason for him to gp except to drink and party which is what he does….

    I hope while you are digging the public would really like to know how Stan Payne talked the commission into giveing him 500,000.00 if he is fired….If you could go into the meeting where they were doing an evaluation on him in 2007 and 2009 he did not get good reviews and somehow he ends up with a pay increase and added on if he is fired he will get this big chunck of money…Bistline was the one that pushed wonder why….Keep up the good work…

    What can we as the public do to stop these two….I think we need to get the governor involved…oh by the way why hasn[t he appointed someone for Ralphs place…I hope its because once they find out that Ralph is clean they will fire both Payne and Bistline and don’t forget Matheney he needs to go with them and then Ralph can go back and continue to work for the port

  8. ilene davis says:


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