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Sunday September 22nd 2019

Port Canaveral Commissioner’s letters criticize CEO Stan Payne for remaining silent on Kennedy

Commissioner Sharkey is a breath of fresh air

CPA Commissioner Ray Sharkey deserves a vote of thanks and support from the Brevard County Community for his urging of Stan Payne and Harold Bistline to be accountable to the commission and the public.

CPA Commissioner Ray Sharkey deserves a vote of thanks and support from the Brevard County Community for his urging of Stan Payne and Harold Bistline to be accountable to the commission and the public.

Dec. 10, 2010, Brevard County, FL – Port Canaveral Commissioner Ray Sharkey is now demanding answers from Stan Payne, the CEO of Canaveral Port Authority, and Payne’s disingenuous, arrogant and combative sidekick, CPA attorney Harold Bistline.

Commissioner Sharkey is standing up for the public’s right to hear the truth regarding the recent and unexpected resignation of former commissioner Ralph Kennedy. The Port is now rife with rumors as to why Kennedy, a 19-year commissioner, resigned abruptly in late October.

BrevardWatchDogs.com has been the only media outlet to question and hold accountable Payne and Bistline for stonewalling the public, businesses in the port and even the four remaining sitting commissioners.

BrevardWatcDogs.com received a hard copy of  letters sent  from Commissioner Sharkey to  Payne and Bistline, in which Commissioner Sharkey urged Payne and Bistline to come clean and answer questions, (see the Letter #1 below) and lift the veil of secrecy. Payne has yet to respond to the letter, which Payne received on Nov. 30.

Commissioner Sharkey said that he has been left in the dark, just like the public, regarding the Kennedy resignation. As our growing audience already knows, “Benedict” Bistline has repeatedly attempted to stall BrevardWatchDogs.com’s access to pubic records via our 119 request to Canaveral Port Authority

For several weeks, Payne, who was appointed by the board of five elected commissioners, has refused to shed light on the unexpected and abrupt resignation of a commissioner who served the port for 19 years.

As you’ll see in Commissioner Sharkey’s letters below, the veteran commissioner shares BrevardWatchdog.com’s concern for protecting the integrity of the port via  accountability, transparency and open communication with the public.

Like BrevardWatchdogs.com, Commissioner Sharkey calls into question Payne’s legal authority, and the commissioner should be applauded and commended for coming forward to expose the power-crazy mutineers who are running roughshod over all who attempt to hold them accountable for their abuse of power and over-stepping the authority vested in them by the commission.

The Bistline – Payne “tag team” blatant lack of accountability and secretive conduct is increasingly jeopardizing OUR Port’s integrity and reputation with each passing day, due to their failure to provide information to the public. All Brevardians who depend on the health of our local economy, of which the Port is a major driver, are very concerned that our lucrative cruise ship and cargo business will be put off by Payne and Bistline’s disingenuous conduct.

Some of the BrevardWatchDog.com’s readers (who are long-time Brevardians) have suggested that Payne is nothing more than a “Carpet Bagger” using OUR Port as a stepping stone to more lucrative opportunities. That may be evidenced by, as anyone who pays attentions knows (including the hard-working port staffers), Payne loves to hog ALL the credit for the Port’s cruise ship business and overall success.

However, as Commissioner Sharkey so aptly and accurately points out in his letter to his fellow commissioners, Payne and Bistline dated Oct. 18, 2009, it was the Port’s early pioneers and the many dedicated staffers and employees (past and present) who have made the Port what it is today. Payne has simply been the beneficiary of being in the right time at the right time to reap the praise of success. (See Letter #2 below).

In our opinion, Bistline has been around TOO LONG, and, as one of the county’s elder “Good-Ole-Boys,” he thinks he can manipulate, circumvent, intimidate and outright bully the public without consequence. It’s disconcerting to know that this gentleman is also the attorney for the public entity most responsible for the development of our children: the Brevard County Schools.

In talking with the public, the small businesses in the ports (and community) and other public officials and staff, we believe that there will soon be a groundswell for Mr. Payne’s and Mr. Bistline’s resignation if they don’t begin to cooperate IMMEDIATELY with their bosses: the CPA commission, AND the public in Central and North Brevard who elect those commissioners.

BrevardWatchdogs.com has received the overwhelming support of our community (including several port employees) urging us not to let Payne and Bistline bully and intimidate us in our quest for total accountability. To those in our community, BrevardWatchdogs.com promises, “No matter what, we won’t let you down!”

Below, you can read Commissioner Sharkey’s letters to Payne and Bistline.

sharkey letter Port Canaveral Commissioners letters criticize CEO Stan Payne for remaining silent on Kennedy




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2 Responses to “Port Canaveral Commissioner’s letters criticize CEO Stan Payne for remaining silent on Kennedy”

  1. bill says:

    WAY TO GO RAY SHARKEY !!!!! Please give us a email that we can thank him for his help in getting this information out….can you hook him up to you site …going through the CPA site it might get to Stan first anyone that knows Stan knows what I mean

  2. JJ says:

    thank you very much for actually standing up to the port. what a joke the whole thing is. ive sat in many port meetings and listened to the garbage that goes on there. half of the time the meetings are pointless bc the decisions are made behind closed doors. its only a ploy to make us think that theyre just discussing it. i thought that in order for a decision to be voted on all commisioners had to be present. why on 2 occasions, that happened to be when they were voting for something having to do with lloyd milliken, was ralph kennedy not present. i heard that he was told by “benedict”, mr. ceo, and joe matheny that he wasnt allowed to be present. why is this???? they vote on sterling coming back to the port without even confirming that the boat was owned by the very people that were trying to get it approved. being that it is a govt body i would think they would do a check to see if the ones that are doing the proposals are actually legit. then voting to move sun cruz down to a dead spot. they cant even hardly stay afloat where they are now. maybe im wrong but i thought the port was a non profit intenty. why are they trying to hurt tenants that have helped make the port to benefit themselves. they want all the money and to control everything. when the hotel was brought back up for discussion, the port wanted a piece of the pie. i didnt think that was allowed by a govt body. i think once you dig deep enough, if stan payne doesnt stop you first, you will find that ralph kennedy wasnt the one i feel he was the one that they put it on. stan payne, benedict, and joe matheny need to be stopped. right now you are our only hope. i would love to personally thank mr. sharkey for standing up to them and if any way possible send him the emails so he can see how thankful we are. thanks again for your persistence.

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