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Saturday August 24th 2019

Dear Mr. Payne: Protect Port Canaveral & Update Brevard County Residents

Brevard County, Friday, Nov. 27, 2009

An update for watchdog readers:

Today, I sent the following letter to Stan Payne, CEO of Canaveral Port Authority,

Dear Mr. Payne,

For several weeks now, the Canaveral Port Authority has remained silent about the abrupt resignation of commissioner Ralph Kennedy.
Residents of Brevard County, including Brevard Watchdogs, have eagerly awaited some form of public statement about the future of the commision.
Officials from Governor Charlie Crist’s office confirmed the fact that they’ve received 10 applications for Kennedy’s seat.

Conversely, the CPA, which you lead, has actively resisted to comply with our request for access to public information. I’ve attemptedĀ  to contact you through the proper channels at the Canaveral Port Authority, but you’re either too busy or don’t take Brevard Watchdogs seriously.
Perhaps you can take a few moments to answer the questions for the citizens of the community who are concerned about one of the major economic drivers in the area.
With great power comes great responsibility, and you have a responsibility to inform the public about Port Canaveral.

During this information lock-down, we want to know what your strategy is to maintain and ensure public confidence that the future economic health of the Port will be protected as the community prepares for the end of the shuttle program. Give us some words of confidence to entrust the supposed integrity of the Canaveral Port Authority.

What’s your message to the residents of Brevard County?

Due to your request (through your attorney) that the BWD pay in excess of $1500, we will reduce the request for inspection of documents to the years 2005,6,7,8,9

We trust that you will make these documents available for inspection early next week at no charge as these should be readily available.

-Matt O’Hern



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