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Sunday September 22nd 2019

BrevardWatchDogs.com Is Looking Out For You

BrevardWatchDogs.com: Investigative Journalism For the People

Welcome to BrevardWatchDogs.com. According to Wikipedia.org, “Investigative Journalism is a form of journalism in which reporters deeply investigate a single topic of interest, often involving crime, political corruption or a scandal.”

An investigative journalist spends many hours, or even days or weeks, preparing a report which often takes the form of an exposé.

In the past, investigative journalism has been done primarily by newspapers, but via the new digital 21st Century media, and its far-reaching capabilities, you can now count on BrevardWatchDogs.com to root out local corruption and wrong-doing occurring at your expense.

Matt O'Hern

Matt O'Hern

BrevardWatchDogs.com Editor & Publisher Matt O’Hern is a veteran journalist and life-long Brevard County resident who cares deeply about our community – and knows where the “bodies” are buried.

We will make use of all of the tools available to the investigative journalist including:

• 21st Century surveillance techniques
• Analysis of any and all extensive public documentation made available to the media by state and federal law
• Investigation of technical issues – including scrutiny of equipment and its performance
• Research into social and legal issues
• Studying sources: archives, phone records, e-mails, address books, tax records and license records
• Talking to neighbors, associates or other parties
• Using subscription research sources such as LexisNexis
• Anonymous sources (for example Whistleblowers)
• Going “undercover”

How deep does the Port Canaveral scandal go?



A current example of what we will be looking into with a fine eye is the abrupt resignation of Ralph Kennedy, a 19-year veteran Port Canaveral Commissioner, amid a Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigation. According to a WFTV news report last week, “bribery is at the heart of the (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) probe.”

Port Canaveral is the second busiest seaport in the world for cruise passengers, and a major economic force in Brevard County and Florida.

Although there is an information lock-down by law enforcement and Port Canaveral Authority (PCA) officials, BrevardWatchDogs.com will be at the forefront asking the question that begs to be answered: Just how deep does this scandal go, how could something like this happen, and what will be the resulting repercussions to the credibility of Port Canaveral’s officials and commissioners – and their ability to lead one of Brevard County’s most precious economic drivers?



J. Stanley Payne, chief executive officer of Port Canaveral said in a Florida Today story last week that he encouraged his staff to, “not let those events overshadow the positive developments taking place at the port.”


While that “spin” is great to try to offset the blow to employee morale, BrevardWatchDogs.com, much like the Washington Post covering the Watergate scandal of the 1970’s, will be looking much deeper into the port and its business practices just as the Florida Department of Law Enforcement has been doing over the last several weeks.

In our next installment of “Portgate,” BrevardWatchDogs.com will be interviewing Mr. Payne, and the attorney for the Canaveral Port Authority, Harold Bistline. We hope that they will recognize that only full and complete disclosure by Port Canaveral officials and commissioners of all illegal and dishonest activities will begin to rebuild its now dubious credibility with the public and CPA employees.

Stay tuned to BrevardWatchdogs.com for frequent updates to the “Portgate” scandal, as well as other issues that you, the voting and tax-paying public, need to know.

We look forward to serving you with nothing but the truth, and look forward to hearing from those of you who know the truth – and want to come clean. Please e-mail us at BrevardWatchDogs@gmail.com

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